4 Reasons why Hosted VoIP Service is Good for Startups

Hosted VoIP Service

If you are starting to launch your own business, then you will be looking to cut costs wherever you can and work with as many effective business systems as possible. One of the most emerging needs of startup businesses is to make and receive multiple calls throughout the day. 

In this context, VoIP phone systems can have multiple benefits for your startup. This is because of their built-in conferencing features and a number of customizable applications. Below are 4 of the main reasons why hosted VoIP phone services can be a good option for startup businesses. 

Low Cost and Scalable Solutions

Investing in an analog phone system for your startup can be a huge risk because you don’t know what the future is carrying for you. Whether you are following your five-year plan or want to go small for an undefined period ahead, you will have to replace it at some point in your business growth. 

That’s why VoIP is cheaper than traditional landlines because it uses an already existing internet connection rather than requiring a whole new telephone system or hardware, and this is exactly the beauty of VoIP phone service

Also, phone systems can require expensive equipment including phone hardware, wire, connectors, etc. On the other hand, a VoIP system requires only limited to no equipment at all. Also, you will enjoy the same calling benefits as a startup as the big companies are enjoying. 

No Contracts are Required

Another big achievement of VoIP systems is that it requires no contract-based service. Whereas in the case of a landline, you will be bound by certain contracts that you will have to follow throughout the service, no matter how your startup is doing. 

So, if you have come across a VoIP service provider that is offering terms of contracts, it’s better to avoid it and continue your research for more credible options. All in all, a hosted VoIP service with no contract will save you from the hassle and provide you with contentment in case your startup business doesn’t thrive as planned. 

Meet Your High Touch Requirements

If you are a startup business, you will be looking to do your best in every field of business and this includes communication with your clients and prospects. Salespeople as well as business owners need to be in touch with multiple consumers at a time to ensure smooth business operations. 

And believe us, you can’t handle all of these on a landline. You may be out of the office for some time and can miss some important calls. So, a softphone app for VoIP systems will enable you to be reachable wherever you go. 

Moreover, you can also transfer these calls to the more suitable persons and departments within your office. This will improve the credibility of your business and spark a feeling of reachability among your consumers. 

You can Make use of Auto Attendant 

You may not have heard about it before, but the automated attendant is a feature you can use in VoIP phone service. An automated attendant can be an effective way to route calls within your workplace. It is actually a system to transfer incoming calls without human intervention. 

You can also categorize it as your virtual receptionist. You can set up an effective automated attendant within your office to route calls to a certain person or department. 

It can be very beneficial for startups because you will have to show your callers that you are a professional organization with an automated communication setup. You can set department names to help your consumers reach the desired person.