10 Most Liked Disliked Indian Videos on YouTube | Most Viewed Indian Video

10 Most Liked Disliked Videos on Youtube

Most Liked Videos on YouTube

Most Liked Disliked Indian Videos on YouTube: Now a day’s YouTube is the best to watch lots of videos. In YouTube so many videos got no of likes and some videos get dislikes. Which videos have so many likes and views it goes to Trending on YouTube. Now we talk about the most liked disliked videos on YouTube.

  1. See You Again
  2. Baby Shark Dance
  3. Boy with Luv
  4. Psy Gangnam Style
  5. Alone
  6. How You Like That

1. See you Again

No of Likes: 32 Million Likes

This video See you again dedicated to Paul Walker, he was die in the car accident in 2013. This awesome YouTube video gets the most liked video on YouTube.

This video Start with a good-looking attractive sunset shot accompanied by the sweet voice of Puth and piano. The pretty scene of the Fast and the Furious is interspersed in all videos.

  1. Baby Shark Dance

No of Likes: 24 million likes

In now a days all kids so crazy to dance with a popular Viral songs. You know how a kid’s song became so trendy and too viral hits of the day. And that dance video craze in all kids.

It so far, this video is the best and one of the most weird entries on the top list. And also this Baby Shark  dance video received so many likes.


  1. Gangnam Style- Psy

No of Likes: 20.43 million likes

This dance video track was uploaded on July 15, 2012, and it creates the history. This Gangam style video song got viral and it make everyone hit the dance floor.  And also this is the first ever video to hit 1billion views on YouTube, also most liked video.


Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

In These YouTube some videos get dislikes also. In this YouTube video have a lots of views, millions of likes, that doesn’t essentially mean it’s protected from getting dislikes. However, some well-liked videos on YouTube also take dramatic numbers of dislikes as well.

Are you interested to know which video is the most dislikes, here we provide most dislikes videos on YouTube.

  1. The YouTube Rewind 2018

No. of Dislikes: 18.67million

This video is the most disliked video on now a days. I don’t know exactly why this video got that dislikes, but we have few reasons to explain. The main reason for dislikes is video length, unnecessary video reviewing tacky.


  1. Sadak 2 Trailer

No. of Dislikes: 13.35 million

The Sadak 2 film trailer was released on August 12, 2020. In short period of time this movie trailer got most disliked video on YouTube that is 13million dislikes.


Most Viewed Indian Video on YouTube

All of you know, The YouTube is a huge video-sharing stage in the world. Now YouTube has 2 Billion logged-in monthly user. In That India comes in the 2nd place.

YouTube is ubiquitous in its 2nd biggest market in India, with reliable double-digit growth in each year. In India YouTube have over 265 million active users.

That is to say why we have done some study and organized a list of Most Viewed Indian Videos on YouTube.



In Now a day YouTube set to make new records & history with viral videos and songs. But so far, these videos received billions of likes and dislikes on YouTube till now. And also we shown the most viewed Indian video on YouTube in all time.