7 Myths About Yoga Alignment for Good Health


Myth 7: In Triangle Pose, your bottom hand should grab the big toe of your front foot.

Triangle is one of the poses where almost every school of yoga has something different to offer in regards to alignment, such as this classical Ashtanga variation. However, if you don’t have the flexibility to grab your big toe while keeping both sides of your spine parallel to the floor, you might want to reassess your approach to this pose to maximize the benefits to your spine. One of these benefits is that Triangle pose can increase the side-to-side flexibility of the torso and strengthen certain muscles that are crucial to stabilizing the spine. To achieve this, the key is stay anchored in your back leg as you reach your front arm forward to elongate the spine out of the pelvis. When you can’t reach your arm forward anymore, simply rest your hand wherever it comfortably lands on your leg. Pay attention here to your tendency to reach the hand further down your leg.

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