7 Myths About Yoga Alignment for Good Health


Myth 6: In Revolved Crescent Lunge, your triceps or armpit should touch the outer part of the front knee.

This alignment in your Revolved Crescent Lunge will take you into a very deep twist. If your hips and spine are not flexible enough for this deep version of the pose, you’ll need to use your arms to get into it, which commonly causes the spine to round. This rotation and added flexion of the spine increases the pressure on the intervertebral discs. One of the benefits of twisting is to hydrate the discs to keep them healthy. You don’t need this deep of a twist to do that.

More is not necessarily better. If your aim is to hydrate the discs and strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the spine, choose to keep the length in the spine and not twist as deeply. To do this, try bringing only your elbow to your knee and keeping your hands in prayer position. If you can’t do that variation keeping your spine straight, you can modify further by either dropping your back knee or placing your bottom hand on the ground directly under the shoulder. You may also reconsider other standing twisting poses, such as Revolved Chair Pose or Revolved Triangle if your primary aim is the healthy movement of the spinal discs.

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