7 Myths About Yoga Alignment for Good Health


Myth 5: In Warrior I, your feet should be in “heel-to-heel” alignment.

Setting up Warrior I with the feet wider apart than heel-to-heel alignment can be much more favorable for the health and comfort of your hips and spine. Warrior I is a forward-facing posture and having the heels on one line, as if standing on a tight rope, makes turning the hips forward quite challenging. By having distance between the legs, you create space in your hip sockets to help you find the rotation in the pelvis for this posture without twisting the spine, over-arching the lower back, or causing unwanted compression in the SI Joint (sacroilliac joint).

How far to step your feet apart depends on the proportions of your pelvis. Positioning your feet as wide as the outermost bony prominence on your thighbone (the greater trochanter) creates a sturdy base for this pose. To keep it simple, a good rule of thumb is to separate your feet about 3–4 feet apart.

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