9 Amazing Nutrition Foods to Eat for Developing Strong, Powerful Muscles : Body Building


9: Find what works for you

The 8 rules covered above will work very well for the majority of hard-training people. However, maybe you are that one percent who doesn’t respond so well to a few of these rules. Maybe your schedule doesn’t allow for frequent meals. Maybe you’re a vegan, and dairy-based protein powders are not on your diet. Whatever it is, use these rules as a guideline, but stick only with the ones that work for you. Take these rules and adapt them to your schedule and your body. Tweak them to make them yours, or find ones that work better for you, or create your own. We all have a unique biochemistry, and not all of our bodies react the same way to food or training. Be your own guinea pig and experiment on yourself. If something works for you, it doesn’t matter whether or not it works for anyone else.

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