30 Dumbbell Exercises Missing From Your Routine


20. Prone Rear Delt Raise: Delta, delta, delta we can help ya help ya help ya! Lie face down on an incline bench supporting your weight on your toes. Stick a pair of dumbbells straight out in front of you with palms facing in. Raise the dumbbells out the side and back, bending your arms slightly as they come up.

21. Incline Lateral Raise: Sit side-saddle on an incline bench with your left side resting on the bench. With a dumbbell in your right hand down at your right side, raise it straight up overhead above shoulder height. Return to starting position and repeat for reps on both sides (cake).

22. Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Shoulder Press: Hold a dumbbell flat in your right hand, resting it on the top of your shoulder. Press straight up and then lower your arm. Alternate with the other arm. That’s one rep!

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