14 Amazing Butt Exercises To Firm Up And Round Your Backside Into Bubble Butt Form


Exercise 2 — Barbell Hip Thrusts

How To:

Protocol: 15 reps

Target Muscle(s): Butt, Hamstrings, Abs, Lower Back

Barbell Hip Thrusts might just be THE most potent butt builder, even more so than squats or lunges.

Two major points regarding set-up: use a pad or towel to keep waist padded, especially if you’re a dude, and prop both ends of the barbell up on blocks or steps. It’ll make it easier to slip under the bar.

(1) Lay your back against a bench and slide your hips underneath a barbell. It should sit right over your pelvis.
(2) Hold the bar with both hands, powerfully thrust your hips upward, squeeze your butt, and press up until your body forms a straight line.
(3) Hold it at the top for 1 seconds—make sure you SQUEEZE your butt as hard as possible—and lower back down to the floor. Repeat.

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