10 Amazing Exercises to Eliminate Low Bad Back Pain For Good


9. Full Body Roll-Up

A classic Pilates exercise, this move strengthens the mid-section and stretches the back and hamstrings all at the same time. In addition, the slow movement of one vertebrae at a time—or “articulation”—is important for developing a more flexible back less prone to pain and injury. This move can be done every day!

A) Start lying on mat with arms extended overhead, legs long, and feet flexed.

B) Inhale as you lift arms up and begin curling chin and chest forward. Exhale as you roll the entire torso up and over legs keeping abs engaged and reaching for toes.

C) Inhale as you being rolling your spine back down one vertebrae at a time and exhale as the upper portion of the back lower and arms reach pack overhead. Repeat moving slowly and using the abdominals to lift and lower, not momentum.

Perform 8-10 total roll-ups.

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