Weight Loss

In order to increase your intake of fiber, you should consume breakfast cereals that contain barley, wheat or oats. We have made a list of top 10 high fiber foods you can eat to male sure you get enough of this very important ingredient:

1. Passion fruit (Helps your body all over)

Passion fruit is a delicious tropical fruit that has either dark purple or yellow, dimpled skin. The tough shell is inedible. When the shell wrinkles, you know that the fruit is ripe. The seeds can be eaten or the juicy pulp inside can be strained.

Passion fruit is a great source of dietary fiber if you eat the seeds. This helps improve digestion, prevent constipation and it makes you feel fuller faster, which can help with weight control.

Passion fruits

In addition to being a great source of fiber, passion fruit is also filled with the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C, which helps to defend us against harmful free radicals. It also helps to stimulate the immune system, and fights off infection. It even stimulates collagen production, which supports healthy bones, teeth, gums, and blood vessels.

When buying passion fruit, look for fruit that is heavy and firm. If the skin is green, it may not be ripe yet. As the fruit ripens, the skin will turn red, purple, or yellow. And don’t let ugly skin scare you off. Even if the skin looks dimpled or wrinkled, as long as the fruit doesn’t feel too soft, it should be in good shape.

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