9 Nutritionist-Approved Tips for Long-Term Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Prioritize protein

Protein plays a major role in appetite suppression, explains Salter, as it triggers the release of several satiety hormones that tell your brain to put the fork down.

Compared to fat and carbs, protein requires more calories to digest and absorb, which means when you follow a higher-protein diet (defined as more than 0.7 grams per day per pound of bodyweight, which translates to about 105g a day for a 150-pound person), you burn more calories throughout day, adds Salter.

On top of that, a higher-protein diet helps build and maintain muscle mass. Because muscle tissue burns more calories—even when you’re resting—than body fat, adding 1kg (about 2.2 pounds) of muscle to your body increases your metabolism by approximately 20 calories per day.

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