9 Best Foods for Weight Loss and How to Eat Them

Weight Loss

7. Corn

Corn is an unprocessed grain that's easy to prepare. One of the best foods for weight loss.

Corn is an unprocessed grain that’s easy to prepare. One of the best foods for weight loss.

Did you know that corn is actually a grain? It’s true.

But unlike other grains, it doesn’t need to be cooked or processed in any way. It’s possible to eat corn raw. Or simply boil fresh corn on the cobs to make a meal.

That’s what makes corn one of the foods to help you lose weight. It doesn’t need to be processed at all. Just boil and eat. Simple.

Fresh corn on has more water than other grains. The more water you consume, the more weight you’re likely to lose. Opting for corn instead of flour products can help you lose weight.

How to include corn into your diet

The easiest way to include corn in your diet is to eat a meal of corn on the cob. It’s healthy, filling and nutritious. Serve some sautéed mushrooms or spiced lentils on the side for extra flavor.

Corn goes great with Tex-Mex cuisine and Latin-American dishes. Try adding corn kernels to salsa or vegetarian chili. I love how to corn adds a vibrant color to both dishes.

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