9 Best Foods for Weight Loss and How to Eat Them

Weight Loss

5. Potatoes

Potatoes are a great weight loss food. They're super low fat.

Potatoes are another one of the best foods to lose weight.

Potato is the favorite vegetable of one of my favorite doctors, John McDougall. Dr. McDougall promotes a starch-based diet that helps people lose large amounts of weight successfully. His weapon of choice is potato.

Losing weight becomes easier when you simplify your diet. What better way to do that than by limiting the number of options you have? If you were to base your diet around potatoes, you would lose a significant amount of weight like Dr. McDougall’s patients.

Another example of weight loss by eating potatoes is Chris Voight. He went on a potato diet for 60 days and lost more than 20 pounds in the process.

Potatoes are fantastic for weight loss because they’re extremely low in fat. Only 1% of calories in potatoes come from fat. That means even if you overeat on potatoes, it’s unlikely your body will store the excess calories as fat.

The body prefers to store fat calories as fat. It’s easiest. It’s a lot more difficult for the body to store carbohydrates or protein as fat. It requires more work and more calories are lost in the process. Instead, the body would rather burn off the excess carbohydrates as heat.

How to include potatoes into your diet

One meal that I make regularly is low fat potato salad. It’s super quick, easy and filling.

Hashbrowns are another easy potato-based meal that takes little time using an electric grater. You get satisfying crunch without using oil.

A third option is to replace a grain in your meal with potatoes. Serve a stir fry or curry on top of potatoes instead of rice or roti. They’re just as filling but not as calorically dense.

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