9 Best Foods for Weight Loss and How to Eat Them

Weight Loss

2. Chickpeas

Loaded lasagna made with chickpeas

Loaded lasagna made with chickpeas

Chickpeas are great for weight loss because they’re naturally flavorful, packed with fiber and versatile in usage.

Fiber is essential for weight loss because it keeps you full. Fiber and satiety go hand in hand. Satiety and weight loss also go hand in hand.

If you’re constantly hungry, your weight loss plans aren’t going to work out. You’ll abandon your efforts in an attempt to feel full. Everybody hates being hungry.

Legumes are associated with lower body weight. Statistically, individuals who eat more legumes have lower body weights.

The reason chickpeas are so great for weight loss is because they add creaminess without tons of calories or fat. Use chickpeas instead of using cheese, milk or nuts.

How to include chickpeas into your diet

Make a simple hummus by mashing chickpeas together with some onion, garlic, lemon juice and spices of your choice. You can add in capsicum or even eggplant for some added goodness. You can use hummus as a spread in place of mayo.

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