6 Womens Share The One Nutrition Food That Really Helped Them Lose Weight

Weight Loss


“I love bacon, not the turkey kind, the real bacon in all of its crispy goodness. Eating bacon for most people seems like a ‘cheat,’ and I used to feel that way too until I realized that every food decision I was making was fear-based and this no longer felt like a way I could live a healthy life.

“For me, bacon is emblematic of how I’ve worked to create a healthy relationship with food and my body. And that’s what resulted in body-composition changes. When I learned how to break up with dieting, it allowed me to stop fearing food, and stop the binge-restrict pattern that I knew all too well. By learning how to feel normal around food and normal in my body, I became able to eat bacon, and really anything I wanted, without fear or stress. And as a bonus, my body started to change too.” — Rachel Turner, 24, lost 15 pounds.

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