30 Super Easy Science Based Diet Change to Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss

21. Healthy Fats

Well! you might be wondering, why to eat fats for weight loss? Right?

I am not suggesting you eat unhealthy high-fat foods, but low and healthy fats are very necessary for your body even during weight loss.

Do you know eating both, low-carbs AND low-fat, at the same time is the recipe of failure?

And like this way, your body won’t be able to control and manage your diet change to lose weight?

That’s why you need to eat some fats too.

You can incorporate these fat oils into your diet for healthy weight loss-

Coconut oil
Avocados oil
Extra virgin olive oil

Eating 3 meals is mandatory, but if you still feel hungry then you can add 4th meals too but low in calories. Try to maintain minimum 1200-1500 calories each day for healthy weight loss.

22. Green Tea

Green tea is most healthy beverages on earth. It’s loaded with lots of antioxidants (Catechins) that promote weight loss especially belly fat fast along with exercise.

Study at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, suggest that, “Participants who drank the equivalent of 3 cups of green tea a day lost twice as much weight as those not drinking green tea”.

Here also, you can do a slight diet change to lose weight fast by replacing tea brewing water with citrus juice such as lemon juice, lime, and orange. It will help your body to use more tea’s Catechins for fat burning.

Developing a habit of drinking 3 cups green tea can be best beverages you can add to your lifestyle. Its also known as best anti-aging food.

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