30 Super Easy Science Based Diet Change to Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss

Step #2: Reduce-Your-Appetite Foods

10. Eat High-Proteins Breakfast

Adding more proteins in your diet is the best diet change to lose weight fast. According to study, eating high protein breakfast, will suppress your appetite and help you to eat fewer calories at lunch.

A weight loss study compared 2 breakfast, identical in calories but one was high proteinous-Eggs and other was non-proteinous-Bagels.

Participants who ate egg breakfast, lost 65% most weight and 16% body fat as compared to others over 8 week study periods.

In addition, a high protein diet helps you prevent muscles loss and leads healthy weight loss.

11. Pick Solids Over Liquids

Solid calories and liquid calories affect appetite differently.

The study found that participants who ate liquid snacks as compared to solids snacks were 38% less likely to compensate by eating less at next meals.

Solid snacks provide a great sensation of fullness to the brain as more chewing time helps to keep you satisfied for longer, according to a study published by American Society for Nutrition.

That’s, why you need to prefer solids foods over liquid foods as chewing time allows solids to stay more in contact with taste buds that promotes the feeling of fullness.

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