30 Super Easy Science Based Diet Change to Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss

4. Pastries, Bread, Cookies, and Cakes

These are packed with added sugar and preservatives that enhance bloating in the stomach that causes belly fat.

Even loaded with trans fats that linked your body to many dangerous diseases.

Pastries, cookies, and cakes are not even satisfying foods to cure hunger. After sometimes only you will feel hungry because of insufficient nutrient.

But if you feel sweet cravings very often than eat few pieces of dark chocolates.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol beverages have more calories than carbs or even a meal. The types of alcohol also matter.

“Beer is very popular and large waist circumference weight gain drink”, suggested by the study. But drinking wine in small quantity may be beneficial.

So, try to stay away from alcohol, if you are engaged in any weight loss programme.

6. Ice-Cream

Feeling watery?

Of course, who will not love this incredible taste?

But control your ice cream hunger for few days as these are high-calories, low-nutrition dessert which is loaded with lots of sugars and additional flavor to enhance its taste.

A small portion of ice creams is fine but we can’t wait to finish it. Right?

It’s very easy to consume massive amounts of ice cream in one sitting.

So, an idea of eating small portions of ice-creams will not work here.

But if you are feeling sweet cravings, you can prepare it at home with less sugar, low-fat milk and lots of natural ingredients such as fruits and healthy nuts.

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