10 Easy To Follow Health Tips to Lose Weight

Weight Loss

6. Go SLOW while chewing your food

Yes, that is how slowly we advise! It has been proven that eating slowly gives time to your stomach to communicate that you are full and hence improves satiety that helps to lose weight.

And while you are at it, nix distractions like that sitcom on the television; WhatsApp pings; Facebook updates or even an interesting snap!

You can alternatively do the following: after taking the first serving set a timer for 15 minutes. If you have finished the first serving, wait till the timer goes off and ask yourself ‘are you really hungry for seconds?’

Takeaway points: Switch off the TV and the internet. Chew the food slowly. Set a 15-minute timer after you have taken the first serving. If you are done before, ask if you are really hungry enough for seconds.

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