Top 10 Nutrition Foods That Are Worth Spending More On


Organic Produce from the “Dirty Dozen” List

It is not really necessary to buy organic forms of all produce. Certain fruits and vegetables are much more naturally resistant to pests and are not sprayed with as many pesticides, or we don’t routinely eat their skin or shell (think bananas, coconuts, avocado, kiwi) so the pesticides don’t make it into the part of the produce we actually consume. However, you may want to spend more on the twelve types of fruits and vegetables that tend to contain higher amounts of pesticide residues. The Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen include the following fruits and veggies (buy organic varieties of these): celery, cucumbers, apples, cherry tomatoes, peaches, potatoes, grapes, nectarines, hot peppers, bell peppers, strawberries, and spinach.

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