Top 10 Nutrition Foods That Are Worth Spending More On



High-quality dark chocolate not only tastes better, it melts better on your tongue and provides a completely different mouthfeel. Higher-quality cacao, and higher-percentage cacao (think 70 percent versus 50 percent) not only has much more intense flavor, it has many more health-promoting phytochemicals too. The better quality the chocolate, the more satisfying it will be, leading to eating a smaller amount, which is better for your waistline.

Unrefined Oils

Most oils you buy are highly-processed, which means during the refining procedure they are exposed to high temperatures that cause their healthful phytochemicals to be destroyed. Also, some companies use a chemical solvent called hexane during the extraction process, which has been linked to nervous system disorders. Unrefined oils have a fuller, richer flavor, making them worth the extra money. The two types of unrefined oils are cold-pressed oil and expeller-pressed oil, and neither undergo deodorizing or bleaching.

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