Amazing 25 Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World : Travel


Our world is filled with the most amazing natural wonders, ones so spectacular that it’s hard to keep ourselves away from them, no matter how dangerous they are. Actually, the danger aspect seems to be what draws many people to the deadliest mountains in the world, as they tend to revel in the challenge that rough, demanding terrain and weather conditions creates for them. Some of the most hazardous means for enjoying – or challenging – everything nature has to offer come in the form of hiking trails such as the Huashan Trail or the top of the world hiking trail, and, oddly enough, it’s man that creates many of these hazards. Listed here are 25 of the most dangerous mountains to climb throughout the world, and many of the trails wouldn’t even exist if it were not for the interference of man. Such examples, including the world’s deadliest mountain, can be found in trails that only exist due to the very narrow wooden planks that have been secured into sheer cliff faces – thousands of feet above the ground I might add.

Many of the trails mentioned here have claimed lives, some dozens of them, but people just keep coming back for more. You might think they’re oblivious to the dangers of the most dangerous climb in the world, or just plain stupid, but the reality is that the reward is often worth the risk. While they’re certainly treacherous, these trails also traverse some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet, providing such expansive views that one feels humbled and inspired all at once. If you have the skills, experience, and stamina – plus the courage – to do so, then these risky trails, including the deadliest mountain to climb, may be worth a hike.

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