20 Amazing Places In Asia You Must Visit Before You Die


14. Bokeo Nature Reserve – Laos

Designed to protect the last remaining habitats of the black-crested gibbon, Bokeo Nature Reserve is a verdant forest that offers a world of adventure to trekkers, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

15. Great Wall of China – China

With an impressive span of 7,200 kilometers, The Great Wall of China holds the undisputed title of the longest man-made project in the world. In fact, it is so long and big that many believed it is visible from the outer space.

16. Yolyn Am – Mongolia

Yolyn Am is practically a big and deep ice field set in the midst of a desert. With its thick rock, towering valley wall and lack of wind, Yolyn Am remains pretty cool, even during summertime. Famous for its shaded canyons and dramatic rocky cliffs, Yolyn Am is truly a mesmerizing sight that every traveler in Asia must see.

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