20 Amazing Places In Asia You Must Visit Before You Die


19. Borobudur– Indonesia

Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991, Borobudur is a massive complex of Buddhist temples and stupas that were built as early as 8th century. People who visit this place are usually amazed by its scale as well as the exceptional attention to the details that went into its construction. Located right at of the heart of the lush Kedu Plain, it has also a splendid backdrop of active volcanoes that enhances the sense of drama and awe.

20. Hong Kong – China

Fond of shopping? Whether you’re a big-time spender or a collector of crafts and antiques, Hong Kong has a myriad of terrific options to suit your budget and taste. Lavish shopaholics can go on a wild shopping spree of designer fashion at the Landmark Mall, while budget-conscious travelers may get cheap buys for all sorts of items at Hong Kong’s energetic street markets.

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