Top 10 Yoga Exercises That Promote Holistic Health for Women : Weight Loss


Before you have heard of yoga, but it is possible that you have not tried to do it before fully understand its benefits on your overall health.

Continuous exercise of yoga increases your immunity, you help in better sleep, fight with stress, and other things to increase your sex life – but again, here are 10 top yoga exercises that shape your body Increase and boost your health and Weight Loss.

1. Mountain or tadasana

With this yoga exercise, you stand standing with your feet standing for the ground while standing. While you are trying to enlarge your self by trying to develop deep breathing inspection, while. This exercise promotes body balance and strengthens your spinal cord.

How To Do The Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Stand erect, and place your legs slightly apart, with your hands hanging alongside your body.

You must make your thigh muscles firm. Lift your kneecaps while ensuring you do not harden the lower part of your belly.

Strengthen the inner arches of your inner ankles as you lift them.

Now, imagine a stream of white light (energy) passing through your ankles, up to your inner thighs, groin, spine, neck, all the way up to your head. Gently turn your upper thighs inward. Elongate the tailbone such that it is towards the floor. Lift the pubis such that it is closer to the navel.

Look slightly upward.

Now breathe in and stretch your shoulders, arms, and chest upwards. Raise your heels, making sure your body weight is on your toes.

Feel the stretch in your body right from your feet to your head. Hold the pose for a few seconds. Then, exhale and release.

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