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– Find the most popular, best rated, newest movies & television shows

– Read about them, see timelines, watch trailers & browse through images

– Add all your favorite movies, series & actors to your favorite list

– Create your very own watchlists and track your series progress

– Find the tv-shows airing today and check what movies are in theaters

– Find networks/companies and their portfolio

– Browse by genres, collections or using a search function

– Look ahead with reminders for upcoming episodes & movies

– Rate tv-shows, movies and episodes

– Checkout movie reviews

– No registration required.

– Includes a version for Apple TV (tvos)

– UMAT is always updated and reliable


Comblosion is a challenging arcade game about connecting and collecting. It’s punishingly hard, endlessly replayable and totally different every time you play.

• Hard: Show off your skill, strategy and speed!
• Beautiful: Enjoy great visuals and smooth animation effects!
• Surprises: Collect exciting bonuses!
• Rockets: Use rockets to give yourself a head start and bank several hundred points before you even connect a single dot!
• Game Center: Prove everyone how good you are!

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