Top 10 Best Workout Training Tips You’ve Ever Heard : Bodybuilding


The following is an excerpt about creatine monohydrate and how it may increase exercise performance. Here’s more as I refer to the many studies available.

Apologies, but this article begins as a bit of a rant.

Over the past 7 years, I have heard more bad fitness advice unknowingly disseminated by otherwise well intentioned people than I could possibly ever formulate responses to. Indeed, most of the time, I let my best wide-eyed, mouth agape, “you’ve got to be kidding me” face signal my reaction to the bits of training nonsense I come across on nearly a daily basis. (Enter here please, 99.9% of the low-carb pundits.)

As a certified personal trainer in both commercial gyms and private settings since 2002, and as an assistant coach with the de facto gold standard multisport company in Boise, Idaho, Performance High, LLC., I have been afforded much exposure to the many different fitness communities, from bodybuilders to weekend warriors to enduroletes, whose personalities are all as diverse as their fitness goals.

Being both a resource and a training partner for these many assorted, remarkable people has truly been the boon of my life. The only really annoying thing about the fitness industry as a whole is that it’s almost completely unregulated.

Alleged fitness “advice” from self proclaimed guru’s and loudmouth laymen alike swish and swill in the same bucket as founded, expert opinion from true professionals because, well, nobody can stop it. (Second entrance please, 99.9% of the low-carb pundits.)

And trust me, it gets tiring. Very, very tiring.

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