The 10 Days Diet Plan To Get Rid of Belly Fat, According To A Nutritionist


Have you ever thought of losing weight by following a diet regime for a couple of days and feel considerable results? So you should surely read the information that you will find here. Everybody dreams of getting a perfect body shape and getting rid of the unwanted body fat. By following a certain diet routine you can surely say goodbye to your old look and discover a completely new found self. You will not only lose weight but will become healthier, active and feel energized after this diet plan. So don’t waste your time and just follow your heart to at least follow this diet plan for 10 days and see the magical difference it does to your body.

Day 1


During the first day your aim should be to detoxify your body and remove the impurities from your system. So you should try to include only fruits in your diet. Only including the fruits in the entire day will help you to flush out toxins from your body and it will cleanse the system for intake of the food in further days. Eat fruits that are high in water content and less in sugar content. Fruits such as watermelons, strawberries, pomegranates, apples and lemons are rich source of fibers and will help your digestive system to flush out toxins. Don’t eat fruits like mangoes, bananas and grapes because they have high sugar content. Whenever you feel hungry on the first day just consume as many fruits as you want.

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