Top 12 Vitamins & Minerals For Oily Skin Control You Should Know

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6. Vitamins For Oily Skin Control – Vitamin E

Dark spots can occur by a variety of factors such as aging, free radical damage, and liver problems. Vitamin E can deal with these problems. It is a rich source of free radical-fighting antioxidants. They help reduce free radical damage, which may have involved in the hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E also helps clear away dirt, grime as well as other impurities while it simultaneously maintains the oil balance of your skin.

Vitamin E can help in regulating the production of skin proteins such as elastin and collagen. It also helps in maintaining skin health as it may neutralize free radicals that can destroy follicles and rise up keratin formation. Besides, vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, so it is absorbed into your skin easily. It can fade away scars as well as dark spots caused by acne by enhancing tissue repair. More importantly, vitamin E can help control the oil produced naturally by the skin, so it is essential to those who get oily skin. The effect of vitamin E on acne scars will actually not occur overnight. The scars will just fade gradually. It will take longer than about 3 months to enable to see the better effects.

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