11 Best Vitamin A Foods for Your Skin protection : Vitamins

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6. Red Bell Pepper

Vitamin A is widely available in food sources, especially in those that are red, orange and yellow in color and of course, red bell pepper is also among them. The red color of this ingredient makes it become a source of carotenoids and antioxidants. You can toss it into different salads or team it along with some other veggies in stir-fries. Add red pepper to your dishes throughout the day and see the positive difference in both your meals’ flavor and your overall health. A teaspoon of this ingredients accounts for 42% of the recommended value of vitamin A per day.

7. Parsley And Other Herbs

Some people like sprinkling chopped parsley on almost what they eat from grilled meats to toasts. Apart from boosting your flavor, it also brings a high source of vitamin A. And other herbs that are rich in vitamin A you can take in such as coriander, basil, thyme, etc.

These are also great foods containing Vitamin A that we can easily add to our daily dieting to get a healthy skin. You should also keep your head to discover other vitamin A foods for skin

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