11 Best Vitamin A Foods for Your Skin protection : Vitamins

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2. Carrot

When people think of vitamin A, the first thing appears in their mind is carrot. A cup of chopped carrots will provide 334 per cent of your average vitamin A need. Besides, it is also an excellent source magnesium, fiber as well as vitamins C, K, and B. And the best way to make use of most of the nutrients is to use its raw, sliced and then tossed in juice or salads.

This is, in fact, one of the best vitamin A foods for skin that people should learn and make use of to get healthy and beautiful skin.

3. Pumpkin

This ingredient is a great source of vitamin A. When you consume per 100 grams of pumpkin, you will be provided 170% of your vitamin A need. The pumpkin can be used to make pies, soups, snacks. In fact, this is also among the list of vitamin A foods for skin so that people should add more of this healthy ingredient into the daily diet to get healthy skin.This is also a great one on the list of vitamin A foods for skin that people should not look down but learn and consider adding pumpkin into the daily diet as soon as possible.

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