Nutrition: 7 Foods You Should Never Eat on a Date


There are many food mistakes girls make on a date. A date, especially the first one, is already stressful, but we often make it even more stressful. You don’t want to charm your date with your beautiful smile and the piece of food on your front tooth. Moreover, the last thing you want to do on a date is to suffer from bloating. While you shouldn’t overdo with your dress, makeup and hairstyle, you should not overdo with your meals as well. Here are 10 foods you should never eat on a date. Avoid these foods while you’re out together, as they are tried-and-true mood killers. Guaranteed awkwardness lies ahead.

As if dating isn’t anxiety-inducing enough, having to content with where (and what) to eat can make it even worse. Nobody wants to be the zero-craic girl nibbling on a single lettuce leaf, yet the fear of bad breath, sauce dribbling down your chin or getting the meat sweats can leave you staring blankly at the menu for half an hour.

Here’s our top ten list of ordering faux pas that you should probably avoid on a first date…

1. Spicy food


If you don’t love spicy meals, don’t order them. My friend ordered a spicy meal on her first date in order to impress her guy. She knew that he’s a huge fan of spicy foods, but she can’t stand the heat and she’s never eaten any spicy meal before. She spoiled her date and now she knows what to order on a first date.

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