iOS 12’s best new features You Should Updates Your iPhone & iPad

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Location data shared with 911 and first responders

When iOS 12 is released later this year, it will contain a new feature that will make it easier to locate iPhone users in an emergency. The feature automatically provides secure location data to first responders when you call 911.

The service combines Apple’s exciting HELO technology that estimates location based on cell towers, GPS and Wi-Fi Access Points with a technology created by RapidSOS to securely deliver the location data information to 911 in an emergency.

Improved screenshots on iPhone X

Nearly a year after Apple first introduced us to the iPhone X, the tech giant is finally fixing one of the phones most annoying problems: accidental screenshots. Over the past year, users around the world have complained about taking accidental screenshots when pulling their phones out of their pockets.

According to a number of users on Reddit however, iOS 12 solves this problem by requiring your phone be both unlocked and the display turned on before you can grab a screenshot. This minor change is sure to make plenty of iPhone owners happy.

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