iOS 12’s best new features You Should Updates Your iPhone & iPad

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Grouped notifications

Rather than seeing a long list of notifications, iOS 12 will now group them for you — not just by the app but also by topic and thread. You’ll be able to tap in and look at a particular notification and then delete an entire thread with a single swipe.

You’ll also be able to tune your notifications and decide whether you want a particular app to send you ones in the future or if you want it to bypass the lock screen. Siri will even suggest which notifications you should turn off depending on the apps you don’t use often.

Managing screen time

To allow users more insight and control over how much time they spend on a device, iOS 12 will provide users with a detailed weekly activity summary. You’ll be able to see how much time you spent on your iPhone or iPad — whether it’s within a specific app, how often you’re picking up your phone, or what apps are sending you the most notifications. You can also add it as a widget on your home screen to easily access it.

Thanks to an App Limits feature, you’ll be able to set your own limits for how much time you want to spend on a specific app. You’ll then receive notifications letting you know that time is almost up and once you’ve reached your limit.

Parents will also receive a report of their kids’ phone usage and will have the ability to give them allowances. With a Downtime feature, parents will be able to choose whether they want to limit their kid’s usage by category, individual app, or unplug altogether. There’s also an Always Allowed section that gives them the ability to still make phone calls, use educational apps, and more. Parents can also limit access to movies and websites if they’d like. All of this can be managed remotely across iPhone and iPad using the Family Sharing app.

Group FaceTime

You’ll now be able to FaceTime not two or three people simultaneously, but with iOS 12, you can video chat with up to 32 people. Since it’s now integrated into iMessage, you can easily set up a group FaceTime call through the iMessage group chat window. You’ll also have the option to add fun effects like stickers and Memoji while on the FaceTime call.

The feature works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. For Apple Watch users, you’ll be able to answer via FaceTime Audio.

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