8 Best Paid iPhone Apps Gone Free Now Today Only

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7. GRIDy – Photo Widget : GIF support

Do not browse anymore to find a specific image in photo album!

Family / lover / baby photo which want to see often,
Credit cards / timetables / maps which want to see quickly,
and active / funny GIFs.
Check these images in the notification center easily and quickly!

1. Easy and quick user experience
– Add images to GRIDy and check it in the notification center quickly.

2. Various format support
– General Photos including JPG and PNG(transparent) are supported.
Also GIF is available.

3. Zoom In / Out
– Enlarge image including small text such like timetable.
– Zoom in / out with two fingers easily.
– Check the image to the screen full size.

4. Strong security
– Protect your important images like credit card.
– Strongly with Touch ID or password (Using KeyChain)!
– Double lock with individual image lock and app lock!
– Keep the unlocked state as much as you want using auto lock time option.
– Compact keypad option is provided.

5. Auto Folding
– It takes up minimal space each time the widget was run.
– If the feature is off, it maintains the last state (grid or full screen)

6. Useful Functions
– Please set up a name to easily identify the image.
– Check multiple photos quickly using the previous / next buttons.
– You can easily do category add / move / delete, image add / move / delete.

7. Default Image / Category
– Set your lover / baby photos as the “Default Image”
– You can always see whenever you open the notification center.
– Add multiple membership card(bar code) images, and set it to “Default Category”.
– You can quickly show whenever you open the notifications center.

8. Various layouts
– You can set the grid from 1×1 to 8×8 variously.


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