30 Amazing Paid iPhone Apps on Sale for Free of the Day : IOS

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18. SafeRide


SafeRide/WalkSafe is a travel safety app designed to give you peace of mind, especially when traveling alone. You can feel safe and secure by using SafeRide/WalkSafe when you take a taxi, use a ride-share service like Uber or Lyft, or walk alone at night.
SafeRide/WalkSafe is a non-subscription any-time use service for your smartphone that acts as an alert system. When in use, the app can contact individuals of your choice to let them know your location and if you do not arrive at your destination safely.

How It Works

• Start by programming contacts and their information into the app, such as your parents, roommates, colleagues, friends, or your significant other.
• When using the app, take or add a picture of the car, taxi, Uber, Lyft, or bus you’re about to get into. We suggest snapping a picture of the license plate and the driver for extra safety and accuracy.
• While walking, take a picture of your surroundings or place you are leaving from.
• Enter the end destination of your travels, and a GPS route with the estimated time arrival (ETA) will appear.
• When you begin to head towards your destination, start the timer.
• If you have not arrived at your destination before the ETA timer ends, you can extend the time allowance.
• When you’ve arrived safely at your destination, click the ‘Safe Arrival’ button in the app and your network will be notified that you have arrived safely.
• If you do not extend the time, or you do not arrive at your destination and click the ‘Safe Arrival’ button, your contacts will be alerted.
• Contacts can be alerted by text or email, and will receive the picture(s) you uploaded, your last GPS location, and your input destination.
• Your contacts will then know that you may be in trouble, and can take necessary steps such as contacting you or your destination location, or alerting the proper authorities and emergency services.


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