30 Amazing Paid iPhone Apps on Sale for Free of the Day : IOS

iPhone Apps

11. Multi Web Browser


With the Multi Web Browser, you can finally surf on multiple websites at once. For example, you can use your favorite search engine, chat on Facebook and read your favorite news page – all simultaneously at a glance!

As a special bonus, you can use this app to watch different PXM bulletin boards. What is special about these bulletin boards? They use three HTML
frames to display the content. Your iPad or iPhone is now optimized for these kind of bulletin boards. Currently supported bulletin boards are the Maniac forum, PCX forum, PowerPlay forum and Telemassacre forum.


– Open up to 3 websites simultaneously
– Different layouts for the representation of the websites
– View the web pages in iPad, iPhone or Mac / PC mode
– Different search engines may be the default (Google, Google, Wikipedia, etc.)
– Start the app with the last viewed web pages
– For privacy you can of course erase the cookies and the browser history


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