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9. Drawn To Kill


I can train you. I can teach you how to use that bow; how to get bullseyes; how to face off against the dastardly Mac Thundergut, master thief and local bully.

I promise you that this path is not an easy one. I have high standards – assassination is a precise affair. You’ll probably storm off once or twice, or maybe even swear off the life of a ninja. But you’ll be back. You’ll train harder; you’ll get better. And then, you’ll take out Mac Thundergut once and for all.

*Pulls out a scroll* Ahem.

– Choose between two playable characters.
– Master each level as you prepare yourself for 3 unique encounters with Mac Thundergut.
– Unlock Challenge Mode, a brutally fun twist on the original levels.
– Continue your training in “The Endless Holiday” and let the fun never end.
– Get drawn in by our original soundtrack. Oh yes, that pun was intended.


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