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4. Frugi


Surely you have experienced problems of the amount of money spent or earned for what and when.

Using Frugi, you will be able to simply manage all your payments and incomes.
Frugi has been designed in an intuitive way that without any instructions you can manage your budget.
Within three seconds you will be able to insert a transaction, and all calculations are done automatically.
Interestingly, you need considerably more time while jotting it down on paper even if you don’t make any calculations.

Key features:

  • – Fully localized
  • – Simple design for easy use
  • – Classifying monthly expenses and incomes
  • – Smart calendar for displaying all items of a day
  • – Supporting multiple calendars:
    Gregorian, Buddhist, Indian, Japanese, Islamic, Persian
  • – Using smart tags
  • – Recognizing and extraction of tags based on input data
  • – Using tags for advanced search
  • – Presenting statistics in “Tag Cloud” format to see the monthly budget in one glance
  • – Supporting all monetary units
  • – Future lists
  • – Setting alarms to remind future lists
  • – Displaying one day items with different colors for different days
  • – Adding/editing items on the calendar
  • – Showing item differences between two months (current and previous)
  • – Using multiple accounts
  • – Balancing transfers from one account to another
  • – PDF output


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