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11. Unicorn Moms


Unicorn Moms is a social community where moms can give and get the real-scoop on anything and everything without being judged. It’s a space created for moms to actually be themselves and talk about their struggles, encourage each other, laugh, and create lasting friendships with other moms—like themselves—who are not perfect and work every day to raise the best kids they can, all while trying to maintain their personal identity outside of being “a mom”.

There are so many moms groups and apps today that help moms connect and schedule play dates for their kids. We are in the business of helping moms connect and schedule play dates for themselves! Our app allows moms to easily:

• Post/Read/Like/Comment on a feed of the entire Unicorn Moms community
• Share stories, photos, videos
• Sort posts by categories (Funny, Advice, Relationships, and more!)
• Find and connect with other moms who live nearby
• Plan and attend local Unicorn Moms events
• Get notifications of events happening nearby and likes/comments on your posts
• Create personal or group chats with fellow UMS


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