10 Paid Outstanding iOS Apps for iPhone & iPad on Sale For Free

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10 Paid Outstanding iOS Apps for iPhone & iPad on Sale For Free

1. WordCrossy

In WordCrossy, some scattered letters will be given on the circle board firstly. You need to search and recognize some words which are spelt by these letters in your mind sensitively and quickly. Secondly, you should connect letters into the correct words in your brain. Finally, click the letters and fill them into a crossword puzzle! Completing above three steps means that you have successfully handle the first level! Don’t relax, more exciting higher levels are waiting for you to be challenged!

WordCrossy may be easy at first, but it will get harder and harder during the process of playing. It have more challenging for fun! Moreover, playing WordCrossy can exercise your brain and make you be more smarter!

– Feature –
1. Many levels are waiting for you to challenge.
2. Word games which is easy to play.
3. Challenge, from simple to difficult levels.
4. Compete with your friends and share your best scores!
5. Keep your brain being immersed into a funny challenging status.


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