10 Best paid iPhone apps you can download for free on November 27th

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4. Mideo: Video + Listen to Music

Tired of having your music pause when you record a video?

Mideo is the essential, must-have app for every iPhone and iPad user who wants to listen to music and record video AT THE SAME TIME.

Mideo uses Apple’s built-in high-quality video camera and instantly saves the videos you take straight to your own camera roll.

Additional features:

-Supports Front, Back, Portrait, Landscape, Flash, Zoom, and more, just like the built-in camera

-Records in the Highest Quality available

-Lets you Edit and Trim right away within the app

-Displays your Remaining Device Storage, in minutes of video remaining

-Can easily go to your camera roll straight from the app

-And more!

Wondering how to record video while you listen to music on iPhone and iPad?

Mideo is the app that will keep your music playing while you listen to music on your iPhone or iPad, whether you are listening to music through your Speakers, Headphones, Bluetooth headset, AUX, or whether you are using Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Pandora, or any other audio source.

Mideo lets you record videos and capture photos with music playing in the background and it really works!

Without Mideo, whenever you open the built-in video camera, the music stops.
Only with Mideo can you play music from any audio source without any interruptions.


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