10 Best paid iPhone apps you can download for free on November 27th

iPhone Apps

10. Manager for Digital Ocean

This app is how you’re gonna manage your Droplets from your iPhone and iPad from now on 🙂

Some of the many available features:

• Connect your account using Email/Password or Access Token
• Connect up to 10 accounts (switch with a single tap on the accounts section)

• Droplets:
– Create multiple droplets at once
– Deploy using Distributions, Applications or Snapshots
– Add Metadata and SSH Keys during creation
– Enable Monitoring
– Rebuild, Rename and Destroy
– Reset password
– Take snapshots
– Power On, Off, Shutdown, Reboot and Power Cycle
– Enable IPv6 and Private Networking
– Enable and disable Backups
– See a list of the backups and convert them to snapshots
– Read and Copy IPv4, IPv6 and Private Networking addresses
– Save a droplet size or region as favorite by tapping and holding on it

• Snapshots:
– Take, Rename and Destroy
– Build from
– See an estimation of the costs
– Transfer to other regions

• DNS:
– Create Domains and Records
– Destroy Domains
– Edit and Destroy Records
– Mark Domains as favorite to have their Records automatically loaded.

• SSH Keys:
– Create, Rename and Destroy
– Read and Copy Public Key and Fingerprint
– Mark as favorite to have it already selected when you open the Droplet Creation page

• Actions:
– See your action history for droplets, snapshots, etc


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