Top 5 Amazing Coffee Flavors for Coffee Lovers Try it Once


We Take Great Pride In Our Coffee So All Of Our Flavored Coffees Are Hand Flavored After Roasting, Using Only The Finest Ingredients. Taste The Flavor Without The Guilt. All Of Our Flavorings Are Sugar Free, Lactose Free And Alcohol Free.

All Of Our Coffee Is Small Batch Artisan Roasted Using Our Trademarked Right Roast Process With Only The Highest Specialty Grade Coffee At Our Roasting Facility In Flushing, Michigan. Coffee Beanery Is A Family Owned Business Since 1976 And Coffee Is More Than Coffee To Us…It Is Our Passion. It Is A Difference You Can Taste.

1. French Vanilla

As one of the world’s most popular flavors, vanilla fits so perfectly with the bold flavor of coffee. French vanilla is a simple yet delectable flavor that adds sweetness to any medium or light roast coffee. It is a popular flavor in coffee shops and can be combined with other flavors, such as caramel or hazelnut to create the perfect latte, macchiato, Frappuccino or even just black coffee that is sure to please the masses. Try Starbucks’ Vanilla Blonde Roast or ask for a pump of vanilla syrup next time you hit up Einstein’s on campus. For those who prefer to make their own, try Gloria Jean’s French Vanilla Supreme K-Cups.

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