Top 10 Foods to Avoid While Pregnancy, According to a Nutritionist


Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are okay in moderation, but Shalek says she typically urges clients to stay away from them, especially during pregnancy. Eventually, she says your body will not crave sugar or sweeteners.

Simple swap: Add fresh fruit to flavor your water or try a little bit of vanilla almond milk in your coffee or tea


You’re fine to sticking with about an eight-ounce caffeinated beverage a day, but that should be it. “Consuming caffeine in excess can cause a low birth weight for your baby and can cause you heartburn,” says Shalek.

Simple swap: Stick to seltzer water or hot water with lemon

Sugar-sweetened drinks

Put down the soda, juice, iced, tea, and lemonade. These types of drinks contain sugar, and soda is actually dehydrating, which is not what you need when pregnant.

Simple swap: Stick to water or seltzer for optimal hydration sans sugar

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