Top 10 Foods to Avoid While Pregnancy, According to a Nutritionist


Deli meat

Even though a sandwich makes an easy lunch on the go, deli meat can contain listeria bacteria that leads to food poisoning, says Shalek. And even though brands now spray cold cuts with an additive that prevents Listeria, pregnant women are still more prone to contracting it.

Safe swap: Warm up deli meat on the stove (cooking it will kill bacteria)

Hot dogs

This favorite picnic food can also contain bacteria that causes food poisoning. It’s technically safe to eat if you reheat the meat to 165°F, but that’s hard to ensure when you’re at a barbecue or ball game.

Safe swap: Opt for a well-done hamburger, steak, or grilled chicken

Raw sprouts

Raw sprouts—this includes alfalfa, clover, mung bean, and radish—all have the potential of harboring bacteria. This is because salmonella, listeria, and e.coli can seep into sprout seeds through cracks in the shell.

Safe swap: Cook sprouts by baking them in the oven or sautéeing them in a frying pan

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