9 Best Anti-Aging Foods, According To A Nutritionist


Coconut Oil

As a medium-chain fatty acid, coconut oil is a rich source of good fat. The small size of medium-chain fatty acids allows them to permeate cell membranes easily, meaning your body does not require additional enzymes to assimilate the nutrients. The good fat in coconut oil goes straight to your liver and is immediately converted to energy, as opposed to being stored as fat. Healthy fats are linked to effective weight loss and anti-aging. Applying coconut oil to the skin can even act as a natural sunscreen. The oil also contains lauric acid, giving it natural antimicrobial properties toward fighting infectious bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

Raw Cacao

We always knew chocolate had magical powers. Cacao beans were regarded as sacred in the ancient Aztec world. Still revered as a superfood, the magnesium-rich treat acts as a natural calming agent. Full of essential vitamins and minerals from vitamin B to zinc, cacao contains polyphenols with many antioxidant properties, helping you look and feel younger.

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