9 Amazing Banana Bread Recipes from Your Favorite Chefs


Baking a loaf of spiced pumpkin quick bread is definitely an activity that screams fall. But while the rest of the PS-obsessed are busy buttering their pumpkin loaves, we’ll be throwing it back with an OG seasonal classic: banana bread. And, we’ll be baking in good company with our favorite celebrity chefs and their go-to recipe riffs.
Even though we can (and oftentimes do) enjoy this fruit-infused bread year-round, now when the weather finally begins to cool down is our favorite time for baking. Take a page from Rachel Ray’s chocolate chip, Bobby Flay’s espresso, Giada’s blueberry, or even Marcus Samuelsson’s bacon takes, and more, below. Not only are bananas naturally sweet but they’re also moisture-rich and pair well with a just about any add-in you can imagine. Plus, we welcome a creative excuse to use up those overripe, browning bunches any day.

Before you warm up your ovens and grease up those bread pans, scroll on to see the best celeb chef recipes below for foolproof guidance into a fall banana bake-fest.

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