7 Foods a Nutritionist Would Never Eat


7.Ranch Dressing

Most Americans undoubtedly love ranch dressing. We literally put it on everything from pizzas and fries to salads and burgers. As much as it tastes great, ranch dressing is not good for your health. There is more than 75 calories in each tablespoon. One ounce of ranch dressing has 7 grams of fat and 137 calories. Sadly, most people consume about 100 grams of salad, which transforms to 500 calories. Considering this, then one Big Mac from McDonald’s contains about 525 calories. This is definitely harmful to your health. In addition to extreme calorie levels, ranch dressing is also packed with modified food starch, malt dextrin, artificial colors, artificial flavors and sugar, which are not required by your body. As you can see, ranch dressing is damaging to your system. If you can’t resist using it then you have the option of using homemade ranch dressing.

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