7 Foods a Nutritionist Would Never Eat


6.Anything from fast food chains

Fast food joints certainly are not thinking about food when they are serving you; they are only thinking of their profits and their stockholders. Although everyone knows fast food is not healthy, it seems Americans just can’t leave it alone.

That’s probably because of all the added trans- fats, salt, chemicals like MSG, and sugars that are added to the food to make it taste so good. For example, those “specialty” burgers all the fast food places are pushing: did you know that some of those burgers (such as McDonald’s double quarter pounder with cheese) have more than 19 grams of saturated fats?

Let’s not forget about portion size, either. A large serving of French fries from McDonald’s has 4 days’ worth of Trans fat all by itself.

All fast food is loaded with everything bad you want to avoid: GMO corn, trans- fats, commercialized beef, food dyes, artificial sweeteners, sugar, excessive salt, and many, many others. We haven’t even gotten to the preservative factor!

Eat smart and never eat all fast food like the plague!

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